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Before we dive into pricing. I want to make one thing clear that it’s in my absolute attention for every photo shoot, customer satisfaction is my number one priority. I’m not just a typical photographer who presses the shutter button. You deserve better than! What you are paying me is an awesome experience that starts from the moment you made that inquiry. I’ll guide you in every step of the way to bring the best out of you in every picture i snap. weather if it’s a family photo or kids portrait, I will coach you how to pose, what to wear and what to expect from me,.

Indoor studio pricing: This is in a controlled lighting environment setup in a studio. it provides better photographic creativity because our surrounding is not limited to what only nature provides. We could use props and special lighting setups to target a certain style and look. special props could be arranged prior to shooting date. again, i’m here to work with you “together” to create your a professional portrait that represents YOU.

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